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All-Church Super Bowl Party

February 2, 2020 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Feb 2, 2020
    4:00pm - 9:00pm

Attendee Types

  • REGULAR ATTENDER - ABF already has my name, address, email and cell
  • NEWCOMER - ABF does not have my name, address, email and cell


The whole family is invited to this year's Super Bowl Party. We will meet at the Multi-purpose Building where Ambassador Bible Fellowship meets each Sunday morning, 1824 W 3rd St in Meridian.

Whether you love football or not, come to enjoy the game, great conversations with old friends and/or to make new ones! This is a great opportunity to invite friends, family, neighbors or anyone that is looking for a church home.

Feel free to bring your own board and card games for the kids ... as well as for the "big kids." Since there will be no structured activities for the kids, each family will be responsible to watch and entertain their own kids.

If you are a REGULAR ATTENDER of Ambassador--and ABF already has your contact information--then choose "REGULAR ATTENDER" and let us know the following when you register:
* in the "search box," type in the name and "select" each family member--that is already in the ABF database--that will be attending the party.

If you are a NEWCOMER--and ABF does not have your contact information--then choose "NEWCOMER" and let us know the following when registering:
* your name, email, cell phone and mailing address.

Whether you are a REGULAR ATTENDER or NEWCOMER, please answer these two additional questions while registering:
(1) how many will be attending the party IN ADDITION to the family members you have already searched for, found and added to your registration?
(2) what food item(s) can you bring to feed 1-2 dozen people (choose 1 or more options)?

Here are some snack suggestions to choose ... or you can surprise everyone with one of your family favorites that comes with the "secret sauce!"

  • crockpot of meatballs
  • crockpot of chili
  • crockpot of sliced hot dogs, sausages
  • pigs-in-a-blanket
  • cheese, sliced meats and crackers
  • tray of tiny sandwiches
  • nuts: peanuts, cashews, pistachios and/or almonds
  • trail mix
  • sliced vegetable tray with humus
  • 2 dozen cookies, brownies, cupcakes or rice krispie treats
  • box of goldfish or (frosted) animal crackers
  • seasoned chex mix
  • potato chips and dip
  • tortilla chips with either salsa, guacamole or bean/cheese dip
  • bag of pretzels, salty plantain chips
  • granola bars (hard or soft)
  • 1-2 bags of Reeses' Pieces, Starburst, M & M's (plain, peanut), Skittles

If you have questions about the food, please contact Kathi Wihlon at ‭(925) 518-3388‬, rkwihlon@comcast.net.

See you at the Game!